What’s a Private Office?

We offer business space for you company. Our goal is to simplify your responsibilities with regards to renting an office. We take care of the telephone, Internet, electricity and maintenance bills. You have access 24 hours, 7 days a week to your private, fully furnished office. We are flexible on the lease terms.

What’s a Virtual Office?

This service offers you the possibility to have the privilege of having a prestigious, professional and attractive physical address located in Old Montreal, as well as having your own Montreal telephone line.

It’s an inexpensive way to be in this area of the business world.

If you frequently travel overseas, but would like to stay connected with your clients and have a permanent address in Montreal, the Business Center will take care of your mail, and offer you administrative support services. The Old Montreal Business Center gives you the advantage of being able to work from different places, different cities or even different countries.

If you work from home, and you’re not ready to sign a long-term lease in an expensive location or if you just need a place to meet clients, have interviews or any other business dealings, the OMBC is your best option. You’ll also have a receptionist, both on the telephone and in person, and you’ll have access to the Conference Room. You can have a personal fax number and other services for your business. All these advantages can give you a more professional look, which could be more attractive to both your potential and your current clients.

How do I stay in touch if I’m away from my place of business?

Working away from your usual place of business is possible. You can stay in touch with your IP-phone and be connected when you’re away. You can have access to your messages and make calls from wherever you are. If you’re in a foreign country and you travel with your computer, it is possible to receive and make calls from it. Just call us for more information.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, you can keep your old phone number. You just need to make a transfer of responsibility for the number portability, and our phone company takes care of the rest. The phone number will always be yours.

Do I need a specific phone?

It depends. If you want to take the calls at your place of business the answer is “Yes”, an IP – Telephone is required, as well as a Router. If you only need to retrieve your messages, you can dial from any phone and have access to your voice mail.

How can I receive my faxes?

You can receive your faxes, at your place, or also at your computer. You can then send them in the same way. Or, if you don’t want to take this service, we can receive the fax, and then email or mail it to you.

Can I have my own telephone line, and keep the receptionist service?

Yes, you can have a different phone number than The Old Montreal Business Center’s.  It will ring first at your place but if nobody answers, the call will be directed to the Business Center, where the receptionist will answer the call and take the message for you.

What’s a Postal Address?

If you just need a physical address in Montreal, this is the option for you.  We’ll receive and distribute your mail to you in Montreal, Canada or to wherever you are. We offer different options depending on the frequency you need to receive it: twice a month, once a week, etc.  It’s an easy way to have a permanent address in a prestigious area, and have access to your correspondence no matter where you are.

What’s the advantage of using a Virtual Office?

There are a lot of advantages! You can work from your place, and just meet your clients in a professional business area, as well as have somebody else take care of your mail, if requested.  Your clients can benefit from a friendly reception service and you will save a lot of money because you’re not paying for an office space, even though you’ll have all the advantages as if you were.

Don’t hesitate to call us for more information: 514.907.9016 x100

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